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Mirrors of the Spirit - ARTICLE

Mirrors of the Spirit A window of God’s Glory

2 Corinthians 3:18 KJV
“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”
“…from one degree of glory (splendour) to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” - ESV
As we look into the Glory of the Lord (The Light-Being of His Person, resonating His Character, His Nature and His Personality), it is as though we are looking into a Mirror that reflects the Image that we see back into us, and as His Image is reflected into us, we are changed, to become all that we see! And as we continue to keep gazing, we are forever being changed into new expressions of His Glory within us, from one dimension of Glory to the next!
This wonderful unfolding process is called salvation!
Sadly there are people who today miss the experience of truly being born anew into the Holy Spirit, relying rather on a theology they are being taught whic…

Mirrors of His Spirit - Part 1 - AUDIO TEACHING

Mirrors of His Spirit - AUDIO TEACHING

Mirrors of His Spirit - JOHANN VAN DER HOVEN Why did God create you? Why did Jesus come to save you? Who are you and what are you supposed to be? What does your life look like and what did God intend it to look like? Find answers to these very important questions in this series of short teachings.


Kenneth S Wuest (Former Greek lecturer of the Moody Bible College) states that the word, "Word" in John 1:1 is not used to indicate a verbal utterance, or something read, but that it is used as "the expression of the totality of a concept". That is, to represent something as a total idea in all that it represents. It is then more than words, but rather of a greater and a fuller observation requiring all our senses. In this case the concept expressed is a complete Personality.
------ Wuest.

The word "Word" here written with a capital W, therefore indicates God as the Subject.

Meaning, that if being used in this particular context, it implies the expression of a Personality. Which in this case is the Full Spirit Personality of God in totality, being expressed as all He Is.

This Personality is Christ (The Anointed One - The Spirit of the Father embodying and resembling all He is).

The Christ (or the embodiment of the Spirit of God in His totality as being th…

"Dead works” - ARTICLE

"Dead works”
Religion without God Hebrews 6:1 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
“Therefore let us go on and get past the elementary stage in the teachings and doctrine of Christ (the Messiah), advancing steadily toward the completeness and perfection that belong to spiritual maturity. Let us not again be laying the foundation of repentance and abandonment of dead works (dead formalism) and of the faith [by which you turned] to God.”
Religion is man's attempt in acts of worship void of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This 'worship' extends beyond the place of lifting our hands to Heaven, praying or spending time in the Word. It reaches beyond the spiritual sphere, because 'worship' is not confined to our spiritual acts in service to God, but also motivates the things we do for, or on behalf of God.
Paul, writing under the influence of the Spirit, admonishes believers to refrain from such 'dead works'.
Anything we do for, or on behalf of, God, that…

Union with Christ - ARTICLE

Union with Christ Discovering the true meaning of salvation!
Many people claim salvation based on the fact that they have prayed a prayer and that as a result they will not go to hell. Others claim it as a result of their righteous lives and the fact that they follow and adhere to the commandments of Jesus. Still others claim salvation as the reward for their obedience and sacrifice to serve God faithfully.
But is this what salvation is truly about? What did God send Jesus to do, and why was He willing to sacrifice Himself for others?
Let us take a few minutes to re-examine salvation and to review the eternal plan of God from a new perspective we may have never considered or seen!
We all know the story of how God had created man and how He placed man in the garden of Eden. We also know that God made special time to come and to walk in the Garden to have times of fellowship with man. God’s sole intent with the creation of mankind was to produce after Himself. He created man as everything He…

HOW do I change? - ARTICLE

HOW do I change? The secret to becoming all God designed you to be!
I have met many sincere people who really wanted to change in one way or another in their lives. Somewhere or somehow they got entangled into something that had gotten the better of them, and that they now struggle to get free from.
Others again carry scars from their past with them and in them. Somewhere in their past they have been abused or misused, either physically, or emotionally, or in some cases, both. Some of these things stem from their childhood years and have created insecurities and unhealthy tendencies that cause them to have confrontational relationships at work or at home. Others develop bad habits in the hope of burying their flaws.
Here’s the good news – There is not a single person on earth that has not to some degree or another, experienced things in their younger years, that has not affected them as adults in some way or another! None has a perfect childhood and emerges from life unscarred in one way …

My Peace I give you! - ARTICLE

My Peace I give you! Living in God’s design.
One of the greatest gifts on earth is the gift of peace!
So many desire it, and yet so few find it. But what is peace in reality, and how do we know when we live in God’s kind of peace.
“Shalom”, the Hebrew word used as a greeting of peace tells us that peace is much more than not being at war, or not being the victim of some kind of turmoil, it tells u that true peace is something far more comprehensive. That true peace speaks to the essence of every part of our lives.
When we look at the deeper meaning of the word it speaks to our well being, our health, our safety, our every day prosperity in our personal capacity, in what we do and in our lives as a whole – God’s kind of peace involves His overflowing Goodness flooding every part of our lives and every part of our being - to be at total p-e-a-c-e!
Isn’t that wonderful! Just imagine for a moment not having a care in this world. Not in the sense of trying to avoid thinking about your cares, b…

The HEAD & The Body - ARTICLE

The HEAD & The Body “Until Christ is fully formed in you”
Every body needs a head! And every head needs a body. It is impossible for the body to function without a head, and it is impossible for a head, no brilliant it may be, to accomplish anything without a body through which to do so.
This is the beautiful analogy that the Holy Spirit strikes through the pen of Paul, capturing the very essence of the Revelation of His Message received from Heaven, the Revelation that it is “Christ in you” who does the works, and that it is “Christ in you” that is the very reason that there is any hope of salvation!
In this new Revelation, the Holy Spirit uses the practical, but also very real, example of the human body to explain to us as believers, that it is in essence impossible for us to function or to live the “Christian Life” apart from being vitally United with Christ Himself.
“We are”, He says, “His very flesh and bones”!
What a tremendous thought! Have you ever considered the reality of suc…