We believe that God has called us to bring men and women into a passionate relationship with Him. Where they learn to walk and to live in the reality of knowing Him intimately, and learn to walk and to live in His Love.

Our most important mission at FOB is to cultivate this relationship, to stir up love, compassion and soul dedication to the LORD.

In relation to this mission we teach that:

-  God’s intent was more than for us to make religious converts that would accept the Message of the Gospel. But that He intended for us to bring people into a Living experience with Him, where they grow in Him and into His Presence, being developed and matured by His Spirit to become true disciples of Christ (followers who know Him as His disciples did).

-   The Anointing is more than the Power of God manifested, and signs, wonders, and miracles, but that it is the very Life of Christ living within and manifesting without. It is more than a thrill or a sensation, or even an experience – It is the Character, Nature and Personality of the Spirit of Christ within bearing His fruit within our lives and presently manifesting His Presence through us in works performed by Himself, using His body to perform them, both in spoken Word as well as in works that He performs.

-  The most important part of the Christian life is not what we do for God, but what we allow Him to do in us, and also through us.

-  That God wants to live presently within us, not in some mystical way of belief without any evidence being produced of what we believe – But in a real and evident way, where we experience His Presence, and where He lives in and through us in a practical and real way, demonstrating His Life in us by the manifestation of His Person (His Character, Nature, and Personality) being made One with ours, and bearing the fruit of such Oneness with Him through our words and our actions.

-  We believe that being saved means living a present life within God’s Presence, where His Life is presently Alive in us.

-  That our greatest calling in life is to live a completely surrendered life in Christ, where we yield our own will to His will and allow Him to live His Life through ours, to fulfill His intended purpose and destiny we were created for, whatever that destiny may be.

-  That whatever we do in life, we should do with eternal purpose and with the assurance that we are living from Heaven to earth, doing what we do to advance His Kingdom and giving our lives in service to Him.

Our mission is to bring people into the fullness of maturity in Christ, both in their personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, as well in the development of their character through a disciplined and discipled life. To cultivate that which God has invested in them and to help them to discover their own unique identity and purpose in service of His Kingdom. To equip them with everything they need in order to go out and to become all God intended for them to be.

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