A short thought -


Sometimes God uses ways to free us from the present and to direct us into the next season of our lives that are the least preferable to us.

I am sure that Joseph did not enjoy waking up in the pit, having been rejected and cast out by his own brothers. The experience certainly must have hurt, and he would have preferred to have left in a much more dignified and meaningful way.

Yet if it had not been for the pit, he would have never seen Egypt.

Many times we tend to question our present experiences, and it may be that they are hurtful and cause us to wonder why they are happening and where God is in terms of rescuing and protecting us, without recognizing His very hand in the things we wish to run from! All the while guiding and leading us on to the new seasons He has prepared for us to know and to experience.

Always remember that circumstances are temporal and many times used as temporary instruments guiding our eternal future in playing our role in God's dreams for us, long before we were ever born.



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