No more playing church"

"No more playing church" ... 
or... "time to stop playing church"

Have you heard this being said before? … and yet that is exactly what happens every Sunday when people come together "in church"!
Now don't get me wrong - I am not referring to the actual meeting, which by all means may be sincere and Powerful in the delivery of the Word and in what happens there - I am speaking about the whole system as it presents itself where people "go to church" on Sundays to be "in the Presence of God" for an hour or two, and then "leave church" to carry on with their own lives, at their own pace, only to return to "church" next Sunday to meet with the Lord for another hour or two in His Presence.
The whole thing is no more than "playing church", that's what this system teaches people to do, rather than BEING THE CHURCH, and to lead them into knowing that they ARE THE TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit, and that they ARE THE CHURCH (living stones) 24/7 and that God wants them to REMAIN in Him and in His Presence 24/7 as He remains in them. Rather than to teach them to be the body that gathers together as Spirit-filled people to encourage each other, they "come to meet with the Lord" and to "have their spiritual tanks filled until next week Sunday". Yes the right messages may be preached - but week after week along with it the wrong example and principles are conveyed, The truth may be preached, but it is nullified by wrong practice!
The system teaches religion and a religious walk with God, rather than to lead people into Union with Christ. This is the undeniable difference between the Spirit-inspired fellowship that the early believers knew in breaking bread from house to house, knowing and growing to know the Lord intimately and also to know each other intimately - and the religious system of "church" and getting together on a Sunday for a "power boost" that was created by men.
God intended to lead us to know Him in a way no man made religious system ever could!


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